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It's a disability not a curse....

... I am starting to feel like i am the only person who has ever been disabled, as it is me, or is the world suddenly naive and arrogant towards the less abled ? Ok, so I went in to town as I had to go to a counselling appointment and the counsellor i have been given who spent the whole of today being really abrupt, forward and insensitive and kept repeating about how to get discharged and really making it sound like she hates her job, telling me a lot, that its exclusive. I am only allowed 6 sessions ever, and that this introduction one counts as one, and what do i want to get from counselling, despite me telling her serious incidents of malpractice about local hospital and other serious incidents and about my disability she still acts like doesn't have time for that as she has more to over explain about confidentiality and to repeat and to re ask lots if i really need this as if i dont some one else can replace this opportunity and despite my joint condition that can ca