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Finally meet the light at the end of the tunnel:

Never mind baby meeting the light at the end of the tunnel, I did today when I met my new consultant and the new midwife that dealt with me today. I was extremely scared and anxious and worried about my baby and all the talk of high risk and things and this morning on the way I got a call from a children in need team lady which panicked me lots as it is all unnecessary but if they insist on wasting their time I am more than confident that they will be able to see the facts. Saw the midwife before the consultant and I broke down and cried a bit and was honest about my past and how things have gone so far, and all I want is to be able to walk again, have a healthy baby make sure he is ok and be the best mam I can be, she gave me all my results from back in August till today, which no one had given us previously and she gave me a much needed cuddle. That cuddle was just enough to lift all the stress and weight from our shoulders we have been carrying till today, 37th week in pregnancy. S

oooh i just remembered: IMPORTANT!

I will add this here while I have just remembered. During the talk with what is now my ex consultant in regards to the psychosomatic, unjustified diagnosis, my endometriosis was mentioned. He said to me that he had operated on me in the past due to abdominal pains as a question, I said yes, my 2nd laparoscopy in which you lasered my left ovary due to endometriosis (as he had previously stated many times over the last year). He replied that he only lasered me (my husband as witness) as I was complaining of pain all the time! As if to imply I never had endometriosis.... so did I or didn't I Mr. Consultant? What is your game? ...and if I did not, what has been causing me agony abdominally since 14 in relation to my periods?? As you said yourself polycystic ovaries are not painful? Or was that psychosomatic as well? Surely it is illegal to choose to tamper/operate/treat someone for something they ''do not have''? I really suffered through both laparoscopies and pain wa

I need all the luck in the world:

Lady Luck please shine down on me.... I see my new consultant tomorrow at a different hospital now (will be exactly 37 weeks). Hope he takes me seriously and that I can get a professional examination for once. This SPD is agony, the immobility is still agony too. I had a dream the other night that I was walking in and when I woke up and found I couldn't even turn over again and was in absolute agony, it hit me all over again. For the last three days I have had the baby burrowing deeper and deeper into my pelvis and I really am not coping, I feel sick all the time, drained, in so much pain and I think I will ask/beg the new consultant to just induce me. SPD is bad enough on it's own but with the baby burrowed in there I am screaming more than usual. I have not been good company for my friends who have taken me in whilst our house has mandatory major council works done due to being ill still. Their stairlift has been such a godsend, making me more independent and helping me up


BIG thanks go out to a lady on babycentre for finding the research below, but I hope this helps all other sufferers too!!! She posted: Here's a reference in a medical journal: Owens K, Pearson A, Mason G. Symphysis pubis dysfunction: a cause of significant obstetric morbidity. European Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 2002;105:143–6. Objectives : To investigate the prevalence and severity of symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) in pregnancy and the postnatal period. Design : A postnatal questionnaire was sent to 248 women who had been referred to the Obstetric Physiotherapy Department in 1997 and 1998 with symptoms of pubic pain either during pregnancy or soon after delivery. Setting : A north of England teaching hospital, The Clarendon Wing, Leeds General Infirmary. Participants : Questionnaires were sent to 248 women. One hundred and forty-one were returned (response rate 57%). Results : The condition is associated with much unrecognised obstetric morbidity

Baby has dropped and I feel let down:

*OH SO ALL SEVERE SPD SUFFERERS ARE PSYCHOSOMATIC AND PUTTING THEIR CHILDREN AT RISK ARE THEY?* My baby has dropped now so I am really excited, in all this madness and mess he is so fantastic we were playing with Mr. lumpy as he is known now despite us already having given him a name, all night and he was so responsive, he is so beautiful already and I cannot wait to meet him. In all this chaos he is the best thing that is happening right now. Got a call from my G.P today, the call was so-so... I am disappointed as the NHS have failed to provide me with a medical professional experienced with SPD or even experienced in pelvic joints, so looks like I am going to have to go privately if I want to be taken seriously. As fine as I am to see a psychiatrist I do not understand how they are so keen as to suggest it is psychosomatic when failing to even be prepared to allow me the assessment of an experienced individual who can confirm my condition or as they seem to want at the moment confirm

So disappointed.... my consultant really was below the belt today...

It's been a while since I updated the blog, that is because we have now moved house as we had to and we have been waiting for our broadband to be reactivated. I have become depressed due to the disability I now have to 'put up with' and got myself a psychiatric assessment as I was also sick of health professionals not taking me seriously and acting like I could just walk when I really cannot. I have accidentally tried as I have been half asleep or in a world of my own, and my body immediately reminds me that I cannot and I will suffer for it :( The diagnosis? That I am quite optimistic despite the situation and my concerns are for my baby to make sure my baby has the best he can have, also that the problems I am facing are very real and not psychosomatic and that anyone who would have to adapt to such a severe disability despite the cause would feel the same. This has also been confirmed by social services and my health visitor was fantastic, a great shoulder to lean o