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Our miracle son, cancer, disability, SPD, Love and Family..

Help us someone... Some one please help me, as i am suffocating from the system we have in place, a system in which is breaking me as a person as i am already broken as a mother as my son has cancer, this is such an emotional suffocation of hurt for my son and the wish i could change places with him, the hope, our miracle that is our son, can survive and the maliciousness of humankind that has shown its ugly head at a time our family should be supported, not attacked, could be somehow hidden from our son, so we can protect him from it, but it is him that suffers with us. We should not be investigated or have a child protection conference for a child that is already protected by my husband and i, and his grandparents. I would DIE for my son, i would take a knife, a bullet, anything for my son to be able to live, even if for only a second longer than god has planned, because my son IS my life. He IS our life, and they are all asking us to forget it is happening, put it in the back