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I tested a disabled - friendly employer:

 I recently tested a disabled friendly employer by filling out parts of the form and submitting my CV with the rest explaining that copying and pasting and typing it all out is unnecessary, I have a joint disability and it wastes my spoons and time and energy. As a disabled woman it's a waste of time and spoons and it's an unnecessary hassle because of the way the forms are and how they're hard to type in. Instead of replying saying they will take the information from my CV and add it to the forms, they have asked me to redo the form... I'm thinking it's a waste of time tbh and if I take the time and energy doing that then progress in other aspects of my life will be put on hold. We can do ONE or the OTHER, the world needs to make room for US. When you aren't guaranteed the job in the first place it's kinda hard to keep wasting spoons and time and energy especially when you have a CV like mine and have done SO much!!! Testing the world is a must if we aim to

Chaotic day at the vets:

 I am so glad for this Tripoli!  (Replacement for the sorbet for pain management) Who needs the gym!  *Rest days are needed however* (Ya know what ableists are like lol, diagnose with their eyes lmao, typical) Had Bud at the vets, got the bad news... 😭πŸ₯Ί, so, need to sort about £500 so I'm gonna try sell more things and cancel things and that. I'm still making up the auction goodie bags so I'll crack on with that but I'm so sorry it's been such a difficult day for me today and I'm honestly just trying not to burst out in tears. *Mega shaken up* He gave me a heart attack and got loose for three seconds but I dropped my stick and tried to go after him completely being brought to my knees by my pelvis reminding me I'm not abled bodied lol, and I can't... Coulda cried!... Thankfully he stayed near me when I was on my knees so he wasn't on the road then and Ste got him thankfully. Quite frankly, it's safe to say, he no likeys the vets. A kind lady at

I'm not good enough for some people and that's okay...

Hmm.. I spent hours and hours trawling through spam posts and everything to help as admin in Aycliffe Anything Goes and I don't mind helping, I do my best, I don't mind don't get me wrong but I'm no longer admin on there now...  Sometimes I just feel all that time, effort and energy was just wasted now... When I'm thrown away... I know I can do without the extra workload so it's freed me up to focus on other groups and things but I'd have liked to have been informed. πŸ₯Ί Just a personal rant because as a chronically unwell disabled lass (that has to deal with others ableist narratives and abuse because of my disability) it's kinda hard to do anything, everything takes energy and 'spoons' and things and if I'm not going to seem useful to someone I'd rather I be told so I don't waste my time for those who can't even inform me I've been removed/replaced. My time is precious, my energy is precious, if I do ONE thing that means anot

England: In my opinion:

The system we have in place causes more issues than prevents, punishes more innocent people than maladaptive and is completely outdated. The XL Bully laws are taking things to an extreme too. It allows corruption in family court systems, social services child traffick for bonuses and statistic deadlines and more, it allows CCTV to be recorded over and allows the hiring and the incompetency of staff across the board. The court systems biased towards those with more money as it's just all a performance in front of any judge on who can be the most convincing and a lot of innocent people are left homeless, starving or in prison/reform systems when they are facing consequences of other people's actions. The staff that know the loopholes manipulate them and allow for more corruption and before anyone comes on here to even attempt to discredit what I'm talking about, not only am I someone who's eyewitness to this happening, was targeted as a mother in a wheelchair when my 2 yr

Neurospicy, Self-Reflection:

 Just curious...  Is this Neurospicy, or not: πŸ˜…πŸ₯Ί When I clash with others, usually over a misunderstanding, sometimes I change my wording (to give better clarification cause my words are not being acknowledged or sinking in) and people repeat themselves at me and don't take in a word I say no matter how many ways I attempt to explain what they think isn't the case and I end up in a repetitive cycle that to others seems like some sort of argument when I'm just trying to express the truth about me and it's something I know and can prove yet I can't seem to get them to SEE or HEAR me... Makes me frustrated and feels like I'm stuck in a simulation lol πŸ˜† I pressed the wrong language button on the console clearly.. πŸ˜©πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ‘€... Or accidentally muted myself πŸ˜‚, that's the only other time people tend to repeat themselves when they're honing a point and didn't catch what you said so they use the silence to emphasise their point instead of feeling vu

Decluttering, Trying to find Balance and Reflection:

Just been in my dining room decluttering and just finished now (SO much to do gah) anyways it was a poor choice πŸ˜… with an abscess cause I'm clammy now and mega dizzy. On the up side I found my beading tray lol!  Gonna have some medical cannabis and drink plenty of water then I'm ringing a local dentist tomorrow morning to see if they have any cancellations or to fit me in. Just need to wind down and try and get back into a sleeping pattern for 11pm again. (Nevermind I failed. I've edited this post several times as I've gone off on tangents) lol. Slow progress but always progress nevertheless... I found a phone case I had made and my instructions for my Lucet, amongst friendship bracelets kits so I can handmake and create colourful and kitschy designed jewelry! I'm also putting my foot down with a lot of things.  I'm sick of being walked all over basically. I'm already hated for false crap and narratives and false perspectives by complete strangers so adding

You Sow what you Reap:

 As is the cycle of life...  Note:  Muzzzles is not a type error it's an emphasis on sleep/silencing, hushing a problem as opposed to actually tackling it and people are so up in arms and easy to create 'sides' that instead of having both sides expressing themselves, they start and try and convince the opposing sides. You can't change other people's minds to be like yours unless they come to a realisation themselves! Maybe this is the distraction they wanted and the tolerance levels needed to nudge them in the direction of capital punishment. So many narcissistic types and sadists exist and how many are there in power?  Death penalties are definitely a possibility in our near future but people are too eager to argue amongst themselves to notice how close we're getting and how many rights we don't actually have and are 'portrayed' to have... Sow what you reap: I found my home  I was smiling with glee Eating happily When something disturbed me Never ex

Food for thought: Dog ban:

To those quick to applaud the genocide of dogs: (Originally was a response to someone on 'Facebook Town Page' ) This is where I stand and it's definitely food for thought! --- I get you're upset and a child personal to you may have been harmed (due to your persistence and directness) but the blame for that lies on those at the other end of the leash. Animals are animals. Without the right conditions (same as children and humans) they CAN become killers but genocide of a whole dog breed? If you're okay with that fair enough but ALL untrained animals are dangerous and if Rishi ACTUALLY cared instead of the bans and the money he's making in exemption certificates, he could have made it mandatory say, to have all XL BULLIES trained to a specific standard to be able to legally own them. Seems fair to me. Tbh if you care like you say that would even expand to all animals and owners....oh wait but the killer kids....hmm.. mandatory parenting classes in school and easie

Confidence Boosters for 2024:

Rebuilding Confidence when it's gotten so low: Make sure to set yourself little goals daily til' they become routine. I usually put meditation music on and light an incense and it gives you calmness and clarity to start the day afresh. The confidence building could be a positive self love mantra on a post it note (on the mirror for all that it matters), as long as you commit to it. 🫢🏼✨ Close your eyes and repeat it if necessary.  (Some) Examples: 'I will work hard towards my goals.' 'I can achieve anything I put my mind to.' 'I will set little steps/goals' 'I will sit with my negative emotions' 'i am strong, brave and fearless' 'i will self regulate and fix things I mess up' 'i am a boss b!tch' (or deck πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ˜‰) 'i am a Queen' (or King πŸ€— everyone is welcome here) 'I hold myself accountable' 'No energy vampires allowed' 'Disrespect? Access Denied!' Different mantras work for different peopl