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Well, on a very much used Social Networking Site starting with 'face' and ending with 'book', we had yet another of our SPD AWARENESS DAYS! For those that are not aware: SPD AWARENESS DAY was set up by charity Support Pelvic Dysfunction and this blog, to be every FEBRUARY the 1st. (WHY THIS DAY? because that's the day we thought about this fantastic awareness idea that would help many SPD victims find us!) Every FEB 1st people on this networking site set their status to say something along the lines of: "Well it's another SPD awareness day started by Support Pelvic Dysfunction! Please REPOST this as 1 in 3 women develop SPD, approx 20% become disabled with SPD or develop long term SPD. Help is available at Let's raise some awareness today! HAPPY SPD AWARENESS DAY! ♥" Then people who WANT to help click SHARE and post it to their wall or set it as a status. This year it was also shared on anothe