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RE: PREVIOUS post regarding disabled being non-equal citizens:

In response to the post i made previously in regards to how disabled people ARE NOT equal citizens unfortunately, i have taken action today and put my thoughts accross to my county council. ALL details and names have been removed to protect identities and to follow the rules of the blog that i established based on morals, but the opinions i have and how i have put them accross has been kept as i said it. Please read on and i will update you in regards to what reply i get, still following legal guidelines and protecting identities. REMEMBER: PLEASE SEE PREVIOUS BLOG POST AND SIGN THE E-PETITION TO NUMBER 10 DOWNING STREET TO CHANGE CARERS ALLOWANCE TO A HIGHER AND MORE DESERVING AMOUNT! TAKES NO TIME AT ALL TO SIGN IT! Complaint below: "HIGH PRIORITY: DISABILITY NEEDS COMPLAINT AND SUGGESTIONS PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL To whom it may concern, I would like to put forward a formal complaint and suggestions regarding disabled tenants. At this moment in time, disabled