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council worker hurls abuse over phone!

OK, so i was getting somewhere, everything has been sorted.... so hopefully there should be nothing to make me ill again ( been so ill from the stress of social services etc i have been passing out / fainting - ending up in hospital , banging my head and that, ECG's, palpitations, chest pains , fuzzy headedness, the works) and now i thought it was at an end, the bathroom and toilet accessibility for the disabled (that is me) 'works' been finally submitted to be done etc i get a council worker who should be doing the work phoning me and insulting me and my family and questioning everything , which if he was supposed to know 'everything' they would have sent him copies of the letters etc wouldnt they? There was a letter received this morning saying that the council had acknowleged my complaint, and so i phoned to find out what this alleged complaint was as i had not made any, to find it was about a gentleman who we had problems with, so i cancelled the complaint