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Never discouraged:

 Well it's been all go today. Have a lot on next week but I'm excited for it all. 😊 Got some new trousers for a job interview and I'm just plodding along with my goals. I enrol next week now and I'm looking forward to that and hopefully gain some useful skills I put to use to be part time self-employed as I find somewhere decent to work the rest of the time. 🀞🏼 Long-term goals those are though. Went through the play with [S] so thank you for being kind enough to rehearse with me today and hopefully I'll have got them down by the rehearsal date next week. 🀞🏼😊 Nah, I'm proud of myself. I've not let nasty people deter me from my goals or dreams and I'm plodding on despite them and despite the awful way I've been treated. I can hold my head up high, knowing better things are around the corner for me and I'm going to embrace them. 😊 The universe and karma may have a sense of humour but they've never let me down yet. Thank you to those who a

Provide a safe space for others. πŸ’―

  Image reads: "Compliments about your appearance are nice. But when someone compliments you as a person, the way you think, your laugh, your personality, how genuine your heart is, that hits different." It really does. I'm so proud I'm described as a *safe* person who allows others to be themselves around me. I've been described as kind, polite, safe, sweet, caring and honest. All good things that make me proud to be a safe space for others. More people need to provide a *safe* space for others and a calm energy! Thank you to everyone who sees me for who and how I am and thank you for telling me these wonderful things and for the amazing compliments on my personality. I appreciate you. -S. xx Kawaii Doll Decora 🩷

I know who I am and how I am. 🀘

My life is mine and is not for others to judge or make assumptions about, my disability is mine and no one can understand it but me and those with the same conditions. Despite the hostilities unecessarily directed at me by a few individuals, I will rise from the ashes they leave in their wake and I will be stronger than before, they can't burn what's already endured a life of flames and they can't lie their way to distorting other people's perceptions of me. They only do me a favour by weeding out the ones who choose to believe their lies over the facts, probably because it fits with how they want to see me and not at all how I actually am. I am me. I exist. I will always defend myself and stand up for what's right and use my voice for those who can't. I'm a mother, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a cousin and more. I'm important to my family and you can't destroy someone who knows exactly who they are. I hold a mirror up to you and ask you to face yo

Abusive people need to be avoided. Period.

When you're doing your best to be the happy-go-lucky and kind person you are, and you're faced with obstacles in the form of people who think it's ok to act abusive, you need to remember you're human. You haven't done anything wrong and you never deserve the bullying or lies or bad attitudes of people who clearly don't want to understand you or your disabilities because their actions prove they don't actually give a F and that's on them. Shame on them. Yea it's sad, yea it's unfair, but it's life and it's the only one I have and I will never tolerate abuse no matter what organisation or charity the bullies wanna hide behind. There's a decent way to handle things and when they choose to make things as hard as possible and lie about you all you can do is wait for the evidence to surface. I am not a hostile person. I am PROUD of that. But when attacked I will walk away, unless prevented then I will defend myself, because I'm all I

The system is meant to protect us, isn't it?

 Maybe we need change! I'm trying to get this out of my head but I'm an overthinker and I've endured a LOT and this is just terrible for MY mental health. πŸ’― I need to focus on my goals and I could have done without this BS tbh but I had no choice but to report it. It's sad how people choose to allow abusive people to hide behind charities and organisations and the good they do. There is NEVER any excuse for ABUSE. Period. I really feel like the system doesn't protect us. πŸ˜”⚠️ I genuinely feel like it protects abusers more than those who are attacked or abused. πŸ˜” I'm proud I never shouted back or anything but it doesn't pay to be kind clearly.  Maybe if I had reacted badly then they would see their mistake, I'd still be blamed πŸ˜” but aggression seems to be the only thing aggressors SEEM to understand. No. I won't become like them just because that's all they know. I did the right thing and I'm fuming. Just incase this is the only post you&#

I wish I didn't care but I'm a caring person and that's just who I am.

I know  I should not care But I do 🩷 It's just who I am #stampoutstigma #stampoutabuse #disability #disabled #disabilityinclusion #disabilityadvocate #disabilitysupport #falseallegations #police #kawaiidolldecora #disabilityrights #disabilityawareness #kindnesscostsnothing

Police update: Just got off the phone:

I have just got off the phone with the Police and I now know the two counter allegations made against me and another, and I'm waiting for the police to receive the CCTV so the evidence can prove their allegations false and I don't understand why they have to do this instead of apologising for having an 'off' day or anything else. Mistreatment is mistreatment. Junction 7  And behaviour has patterns so I just want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. One of the counter allegations is against (a friend) they said he was aggressive which the CCTV will disprove (once it shows up) and they said I was shouting at them when I didn't I shouted when I was outside for my dad to come help because they were screaming at me and there were people outside their houses in horndale watching them. (Again we need the CCTV. Period.) I still haven't been provided with a copy neither. ⚠️The most important thing ISN'T my access to food, it's that they NEVER beha

Update RE abuse I endured from charity staff:

 I am crying and shaking right now. I hate bullies and liars on this town. I've done nothing but engage positively with Junction 7 charity. Considering all I did was exit the building I'm wondering what the counter-allegation they've made up to the police is and I'm wondering why the Police haven't viewed the CCTV footage and are taking their lies as facts and have closed the case. This treatment of disabled people should NOT be allowed nor tolerated. Period. What they did was discrimination and a hate crime and I want the evidence from their CCTV because I'm sick of abusive people lying and blaming me when all I did was ask kindly for the food parcel then leave when feeling attacked. If they can do this to me what about others? I wish to press charges for false reporting now. This is NOT how disabled people should be treated. It's more than abuse at this point. S.  #police #policeofficer #lies #junction7 #falseallegations #thisisNOTon #disability #disabilit

Money is a necessity not something to value over people.

 πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£  So I got this message: Thanks *John* but unless I'm earning it then I don't want it! It's called being independent. 😘😏 Money is not and will not ever be valued by me over people, connections, family and pets. It's a necessity to live not something I have a choice or control over and tbh humans were not intended to live like this. Money was solely invented to create control and fuel greed and to this day it's not brought communities together, it's just made it harder for some of humankind to survive and that's not ok. We were meant to share and grow πŸͺ΄ food and work as a team in our communities and food was never intended to be such a 'luxury' to the point people are homeless and starving. I do whatever it takes, *whatever* is necessary to try and put food on the table and even then I've had to use food banks. Food banks are a great community asset and help so many people. I just wish people knew what to prioritise and who instead of ge

The world changed for me as soon as I became disabled...

So I've been having a hard time as of late and have been on the receiving end of other people's emotional dysregulation and attitudes on top of several bad pain days. So no, I don't care bout no haters. They only know hate so leave em to it. ✨ I'm all for the lovers and peaceful types and healing and regulating my own emotions from emotional trauma and triggers in life. On top of navigating autism and painful disabilities on top. Most able bodied people wouldn't even be able to walk on a dislocated pelvis nevermind WITH Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome so it's easy for them to tell me I'm not disabled based on their non-x-ray eyes, and that happens a LOT btw. TOO MUCH! Other people sticking their nebs into my disability issues when it's none of their business and they don't even have any right TO comment and gawd help you if you defend yourself or walk away! Their flying monkeys come after you to top it off as icing on their cake, like an apolog

It's hard work being disabled

A lot of people don't realise that even though you, seem and appear ok, to others, that inside you're fighting a war that no one can see.  That war is one with yourself and your body, both physically and mentally. It's exhausting. Life is hard enough for most people without having constant overlapping painful conditions constantly slowing you down. I wish disability awareness was mandatory in schools because there's a lot of adults these days that don't even realise they're being ablist or discriminating, or allowing assumptions or opinions to drive their behaviour. Everyone is worthy of respect. I'm not interested in negativity or hostility. I say NO to that behaviour now and I know my worth. I'm a kind natured woman who has a lot of struggles and my physical disabilities do offset my mental health so forgive me for never having the energy to deal with anything negative or unecessary. I'm not interested in being a verbal punching bag for inconsidera

Pain management is my right

I have always struggled dealing with my chronic pain illnesses and disabilities and in 2010 I did a course to help. I've taken all the meds under the sun and they always impacted me badly and it was also another excuse social services could use to keep investigating me despite two full investigations that proved I was a good mother. I smoke cannabis for pain management now and I've been referred to a pain clinic as I want to become more independent and hope to find a job I can do with my disability. I'm hoping the pain clinic will be able to assist me in regards to medicinal cannabinoids and if they can't and want me back on Fentanyl so I can work, I'll be gutted. I don't want to go back on opiates and the clinics are far too expensive. I've looked into lyphe and integro and it's still too much of a cost. Here's my certificate from when I completed the pain management course despite my difficulties and I am proud that at every turn when I've had

Charities aren't always so charitable if you're disabled I see...

Recently, I tried to access a food parcel, it had taken me 2 months almost, they don't offer a delivery service and I was shocked at the incident that occurred on their premises.  Why does disability always put this bizarre target on your back. *Sigh* Anyways I filed this complaint: " Formal complaint re registered charity Junction 7 1185423. To whom it may concern, I as a disability impaired individual with a complex dynamic disability, have tried to seek help from this charity for two months via e-mail and have had great difficulty. My issue originally occured with accessibility to the food parcels, which is something mobility impaired people have to endure and deal with and can make life more difficult and stressful and exhausting. When I spoke up about my difficulties, Junction 7 never stated anything other than I failed to attend my appointment, which is true because I notified them that I was mobility impaired and needed someone to collect the food parcel and I was only

Lies, crying and using disability against you because they don't want you to be allowed to be a parent.

Isn't it funny 11 years later, you're reading lies spread about you by a lady that's the head sister of the RVI Cancer ward, and you're crying your eyes out cause they're the most grotesque and sadistic bunch of people you have ever met and amongst the lies are contradictions and proof of mine being a dynamic disability and the fact I can/COULD look after him. I've never shouted for help when my son was upset, she must have misheard or lied. I shouted I'm not well but do you need help? Cause if I HAD to I'd go and help my bairn, no matter WHAT! My bruised legs weren't mentioned cause I refused to leave his bedside. Why are people allowed to treat people like this when they're in positions of power and we're given no choice but to trust them. We clearly can't trust them. I have paperwork Infront of me right now proving they wanted him to be part of their fostering statistics as they were hyper-fixated on that but I chose to sign him over t