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Perfect Home: A disabled story:

 'Perfect Home' What is perfect? I've never said I was, nor aspired to be Perfect. Perfect simply doesn't exist. So why do I feel like this? Having to re-arrange and re-adjust my whole life, Around illnesses I never wanted nor asked for. Like having a thousand wood peckers around your body peck peck pecking away at a thousand miles per hour and a hornets nest in your mind with no escape. How can you escape from your own body and mind? This is why people need to be more patient and more kind. I will forever be 'less-than' the girl that I was, The girl that could. When I could finish a task in a matter of minutes that I can't do today in a matter of months. The hare has become the tortoise and it's hard to feel like you'll ever reach the finish line when everyone is on a different speed setting and pain level than you. You are expected to do exactly the same as everyone else but with a huge difference. You're a tortoise surrounded by hares and you&

Updates: Divorced and New found Freedom

I divorced my ex husband July 2021 as he wasn't treating me the way I needed or deserved and it's a long story but I got myself out of my wheelchair and I now walk with a cane/walking stick. Im still coming to terms with the corruption that occurred when my son was diagnosed with leukemia and I still stand by my decision to put him in the capable hands of my parents who I'm lucky to have as nearby neighbours and I'm still healing from what social services did and said to me. S's words still echo in my mind. "Disabled people should not be allowed to be parents. Sarah, if you ever want to do your son a favour and be the best mum like you say you want to be then you need to kill yourself." I'm still here and since getting the ankle weights and removing toxic and draining people from my life, I am now walking albeit in MUCH more pain. I have a much better relationship now with my son and I've had him at the cinema on the bus with me, had meals out with