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Never tolerate bullying or malicious actions:

There are two types of people in the world defined as 'evil':  1: Those who do evil things. and 2: Those that ALLOW evil things to happen. IF at the time YOU DO have a choice, choose to use your voice! I did a detailed presentation on bullying for my Key skills level 3 communications, because its an important topic and all I needed to do was help one person to have helped! I dedicated most of my dinner times at shcool to people who needed to talk about their problems and i was professionally trained as a counsellor and i still use these abilities today with friends and on the SPD charity i have started up. Bullying has always been ... a problem, but that doesnt mean we should allow it to continue being a problem.  If i am honest (my own experience): A lot of teachers shouldnt teach due to their ignorance and attitudes, but we allegedly have a shortage and their attitudes dont help anyone, its not cool and the head teacher should abolish the negative behaviours s