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Disabled women should be legally allowed to be mothers.

I don't know what the law on this is but I, as a disabled mother , clearly have no rights at the moment, when it comes to child social services preventing me to parent our child, in which I parent alongside my able-bodied husband, and have done for three years, including with his cancer, until FALSE accusations were made regarding my disability.  Having proven untrue, and my disability is real and a needs assessment to prove my disability does not affect my parenting, child services wish to prevent me being a parent to our son, due to my disability, and it's affects. My fellow SPD bearers and individual, inspirational, heroes. Thanks to everyone who have been so cool when I and my husband have been amongst a storm. Things are still a little chaos, well in all honesty there is NO little when it comes to chaos. The dreaded meeting is tomorrow where we put forward our request for a new needs assessment and fight the fact that despite all little info and lack of factual info,

I am NOT my disability...

I was in hospital recently and I am not well :*-(     *sobs* This makes it much harder to cope with defensive and slight ignorant people who are supposed to help you! I was tired and hurting and they were stressing me out no end repeating things we have already heard/read and already suffered through. My disability is not me! I am not being selfish by discussing it after all it is the defined problem that has everything to do with whether or not our child is to return home and perhaps I wouldn't need to talk about it if someone/anyone had asked me about it instead of just judging it/me. Have they not discovered that assumptions are not facts and only lead to incorrect decisions due to being based on incorrect informatio. Perhaps instead of jumping ahead why not put in writing in detail the issues and stick to them and not state more issues, once issues are resolved! Perhaps also have a meeting with adult services and give them issues in writing so I can have needs asse