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SPD Awareness Campaign - WE NEED YOU!

To raise awareness of the new charity we need YOU to help! Image:   Facebook & OTHER social network Users: Please REPOST the business card image to your profile, either tag friends or post on peoples profiles, it takes a few minutes but helps many SPD sufferers that are suffering in silence! Please include this message " help in the SPD awareness campaign by new England Charity Support Pelvic Dysfunction by REPOSTING this or TAGGING friend! " Please help our awareness campaign! Email: Please email this image to your friends with this paragraph (copy and paste) : " 1 in 4 pregnant women develop SPD, many are undiagnosed and many don't know they have SPD. Stop the suffering in silence by spreading the word as part of a raise awareness charity campaign started by Support Pelvic Dysfunction, a new England charity ! Yet another thing to be proud of!

SPD Charity ONLINE!!

As many know i have been trying to start a charity for SPD for almost 2 years now! It's been a long time and a lot of research later here we are. I need to state that the charity will be and is in no way affiliated with this blog page i set up and the facebook group. I will be running it as a seperate support site. Meanwhile while we wait for things people are welcome to use this site and the faceook group still. The charity website and name is and is online and working :) I have less than 12 months to raise the required 5k so i can register for charity status, meanwhile gather some trustess and get everything else organised. I have high requirements for the trustees, CRB checks, they need training or experience in confidentiality, customer support and/or customer services, data protection act awareness, no secrets workbook for vulnerable adults, counselling and related liabilities, and much more. Importantly i need people i can


♥ HAPPY SPD AWARENESS DAY ♥ TO SPD SUFFERERS EVERYWHERE! -GO TO ♥ THIS is currently happening on Facebook. 1st FEBRUARY is now officially SPD AWARENESS DAY for all associated with this blog and the support group i run and will also be affiliated and used on my charity officially as an important way to help other SPD sufferers that may not know about this site or the support group and will need help! 1 in 4 women get SPD do not forget that! 20% get it so severe and are likely to need wheelchairs! And there are people with underlying conditions like me who develop SPD during pregnancy and it disables them more for life, due to being caused by the underlying condition! Once you develop SPD you are so likely to get it again, not just in 2nd pregnancies! BUT also when you need smear tests, yup things like that, even during sex! Thats why i am here! And i would love to declare my charity up and running but someone is coming to discuss that with