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Still seeking 3rd Trustee! ITS NOT TOO LATE TO APPLY!:

Applicants for volunteer and trustee positions: Please send the following questions filled out to: Please note: We have additional meetings with cavos but at this time they are not mandatory for trustees. (trustees may be welcome to come along to some of them, or all at a later date). Required information via email or post. POST: Please request corresponding postal address by calling 07721656764 on Mondays OR Fridays, 11am-4pm. Suggestive advice line open from 10am-5pm on same days. (The following information is mandatory whether the applicant is known by us or not.) *If question is starred, it is mandatory. (If you do not have a landline, please state in answer so question has been answered, however you must have atleast one mobile or telephone number you can put down so we can contact you.) *Full name: *Marital Status: *Date of birth: *Address and postcode incl town and county:  Phone numbers: *Landline:  Mobile


WE ARE NOT EQUAL TO ABLE BODIED PEOPLE, WE ARE NOT WORTH IT: I AM MORE THAN UPSET. How many more rights do we have to lose as disabled individuals? COURSES AVAILABLE IN MY AREA: are FREE for people on JSA, and ESA (those worthy as they are capable to work) but NOT disabled individuals or disabled charity workers or volunteers. WE DISABLED HAVE TO PAY, FOR A COURSE THATS JUST MIXED CRAFTS! £3/hr, but when we are not receiving much in the form of benefits and are not able to work, how do we cope? This seems a small fee but it shortly adds up for those who cannot work, cannot improve their lives or financially progress. How do we meet other disabled people or MAKE NEW FRIENDS? In our area there are no DISABLED coach trips or meeting groups! (And especially not wheelchair accessible for any of the groups that do exist) I am working to set up the first SPD support group, if i ever get my own transport since there is no DISABLED TAXIS, and the only transport available


I know that living with SPD is difficult enough, but mix that with a joint condition and it is a whole new ball game. But, that does not mean that you cannot get the help you deserve.   are a HMS Charity that has guided me through some of the tough times with HMS. If you become a member like i have, you receive lots of important and relevant information, and if your blessed to be in an area where they meet up, in which i am not, then you can discuss things with others who are in the same situation. I cannot update anything else as the Health Psychologist Department have not been in touch despite the fact that i was informed ONLY the Pain Psychologist Dept, have dismissed me. I am losing faith and losing patience and i am very grateful to be able to receive counselling yet again via my GP. But this counselling is not the psychology i need to be able to accept this disability to the full. Many women struggle accepting SPD, HMS and even if for