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Recent Physio Appointment: Acupuncture

I was referred for acupuncture to the Physio, and I had my appointment today which was impressively faster than usual. The lady physio that dealth with me, 'A' was the same one who had dealt with me in the past and even though I was somewhat skeptical about acupuncture and treatment she did do well. She went through everything with me and made me feel comfortable. She was great today and I underwent the acupuncture straight away which was a surprise as I was expecting to have to have another appointment for it to have been carried out. The acupuncture took the heaviness and pressure away and allowed me to relax for 15 minutes, I have had pain tonight but I am willing to see how the acupuncture goes. It is now 20:50 and I am in an extreme amount of pain, so lets see how I am after next weeks session, this is extremely unpleasant :(

Clexane, Clots and Birthing plans:

It was last saturday, I had a problem when I gave myself my Clexane injection into my left thigh, it was extremely painful and abmormal. I had administered it more than 14 times and never had any problems, I phoned urgent care centre as there was a lump present too and my mam was concerned. (My midwife's phone was switched off). Having told them I was under the care of my parents and at their home and having phoned from a different landline number to mine, I was waiting for her to call me back to state whether or not I could have a home visit. I had told her I was pregnant and had SPD. She sent two standard nurses to my home address whom woke up my husband who had been on a nightshift. He was scared hoping I was ok. I assured him I was just getting a check up and some advice as to where to inject 'tomorrow' etc. He gave them my parents address. 2 hours later I had heard nothing so phoned urgent care who said abrubtly and impatiently that they had passed it over to the nurse

Why are they allowed to speak to you like that?

Are people that work for benefits departments just trained to make you cry afterwards? This is not the first time I have experienced inappropriate comments and attitude when I have been on the phone even just enquiring about benefits, I just wish I had the guts and energy to stand up for myself to them... I find myself politely debating with them as opposed to actually saying, "well that is not for you to decide is it?" or even "I didn't phone you to take abuse or inappropriate comments, I phoned you for appropriate advice and help not your opinion." I phoned DLA to let them know my pain has gotten much worse to the extent going out in the wheelchair is now a problem and told them I am on Clexane, the lady I will only refer to as 'S' was extremely unhelpful. She said she can only put forward that I am on Clexane and not update my information in regards to my immobility and she was making comments like "I hope you are not relying on getting this bene

More isolation and struggle

We had our first parentcraft class last night, my husband walked me there pushing my wheelchair a 30 minute walk at best, we went early as we had to spend some time in town to post my DLA appeal and a complaint in regards to having being mistreat by a DR from Urgent Care in regards to my disability and my husband. Having got there in the end I was determined to stay and was in a lot of pain, I cannot comment on what people thought of me being pregnant and in a wheelchair but I was determined for them to know the truth, that it was because of the pregnancy / the SPD that I was in a wheelchair, there was a lot of shocked faces. The pain got much worse and unfortunately we couldn't stay, and due to my pain etc we won't be attempting to go again as it is also a 30 minute walk home too and my husband pushing me is just no good, for him or for me as pavements are complex and bumpy and extremely painful when I am jolted. We didn't have transport money this week anyway, so had no c

Consultant Appointment and Update: Monday 21st Sept.

Got collected from home today with my husband, my registered carer, via GP transport/ambulance to see my consultant. My appointment was at 10:30am. They were running extremely late and my spd pain was getting worse. Had to go to a seperate room to inject myself with clexane. I had weird bump sensations last night, pressure, very uncomfortable, bruising and tightening that would come and go. Whilst I was at the hospital waiting I broke down and wanted to come home as it was horrible sitting in the waiting room in absolute agony and crying my eyes out. There was no spare room at this point. When we finally got to see the consultant it was about 11:30am quarter to 12 but every second prior seemed like an hour with the pain I was in. The consultant said I had Braxton Hicks last night and checked me over, the TENS machine which had helped me the last few months has stopped helping now so I handed it back over. The consultant checked me and was extremely sensitive today, in fact he was fanta

My husband:

I just want you to know that you are my life, you are the reason I have 'better' days and I cannot voice how much I appreciate you being my registered carer and dedicating over 144hours a week just to help me look after myself and unborn baby. I love being married to you and hopefully I will get better and be able to show you how much you mean to me by spoiling you for a change. You do so much for me and you work too, I don't know how you do it as I know I am getting worse and it is draining looking after me all the time including during the night. I am sorry I need 24/7 care but you just being there makes me feel safe and warm, just to be held in your arms. Through all of this you are my rock. My soulmate. We have been through far too much together already, way more than people our ages should have to go through and I thought 2009 would be a great year for us as I would have never been able to start my business without you and you encouraging me, and even that was extremel

Pelvic Partnership Call Back and nhs baby stories

The Pelvic Partnership called back yesterday and my husband spoke to them. They have confirmed that without treatment my condition could last up to 2 years or more. They have said that it is treatable during pregnancy and we have to go private since the PCT have said they don't offer this service currently despite what the NHS first book for pregnant mothers states about SPD. This is not good news. We cannot do that at all. * * * I don't think we have much of a national health service anymore, more and more people are telling me about how our hospitals are leaving babies to die over an estimated due date! By refusing to rescusitate babies they estimate to be under 24 weeks! And what makes it worse they are not even issued with a birth or death certificate, which in my opinion I define as murder and immoral. I don't want to go into detail I am so upset as it is. Just needed to get that off my chest and people are welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

Funerals, Clexane and Anemia:

I am still broken hearted that we had a death in the family recently, which hit the whole family hard so we cannot even try to imagine what the mam (our relative) feels like. It was unfortunately the death of a baby which we all loved. I am not going to go into details as I don't want to upset the lady I am talking about as she has been through enough. What I will say is at the funeral my heart was broken for everyone especially the mother, our relative whom I think the world of, she is the most amazing lady you would ever meet and a fantastic mother. Heart of gold! I felt awkward and in the way as I attended with my wheelchair and didn't want people to make such a fuss when I was offered the opportunity to throw petals which is bringing me to tears now, just thinking about it. We will never 'get over' this and we will carry her memory in our hearts forever. * * * I am now injecting myself daily with Clexane which is not exactly a nice experience. (This is because I c

Social Services and benefits

With health professionals (midwives) scaring the sh*t out of me about how we will cope when the baby is born I took it upon myself to phone social services myself. I asked for help for now, told them our situation and everything. They have been more than helpful. My husband is now officially my registered carer, they have been out to visit us, opened up our world a bit by offering advice, support and cheaper transport options. This is the adult section but they have said since my husband is going to be there most days as he is now the baby would'nt be defined as 'at risk'; there is no psychological issues etc. Midwives are still commenting though. It has taken me years to conceive and now I have, I have got SPD and my life feels like it has turned upside down. They are looking into financial help as the govt. are not very favourable to couples under 25 who are married, and we live in a Private Rented house, don't get me wrong we have been trying for a council house for

Isolation and a drama queen

I have been stearing away from updating my blog as lot's more things have happened and I basically have not been able to deal with them right now. I have become more introverted and have never felt more alone. I keep venting on facebook and all I can imagine is that people will have gotten sick of me whinging by now, that lass who always feels sorry for herself etc..... well I don't feel sorry for myself I just don't have anyone to talk to and feel so alone right now. Never in my life have I been in a position where I cannot walk. I have been in positions before where I have been in constant pain for long periods of time but from those I had gaps in. i.e. endometriosis etc. This time I have had no gaps and it hurts everytime I move, even the slightest. What mam can I be now? My husband will have to help again so much and it really is not fair on him. I spend most of my life trying to cheer people up and help people and right now I feel like everyone is my enemy, but I have