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Focus on the Positives no matter what life throws at you!

We have moved home to a new property that meets my medical needs and we couldn't be happier here. Our son is blossoming into a little boy and he will be starting nursery next year! *shocked face here* Where! Oh Where! Did the years go? Feeling the same? I know how you feel! We are making new friends, old friends are moving on, and we are just following the path that life is leading us right now, it is not all sunshine and rainbows, we do have obstacles surpassed and more obstacles to conquer, but we prefer to focus on the positives and we find the negatives usually get sorted out when we're face to face with them. So it is nice to focus on the positives and be cheery and chirpy and looking forward to many years to come, growing old together as man and wife, watching our son grow up to be a man and filling our parents shoes when we reach their age and our son has a life of his own.  We all grow, we all move forward, and life is quite short despite it being th