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HOW TO SURVIVE WITH SPD OVER THE WINTER PERIOD: Here are a few things you can do to help you stay well and as pain free as possible this Christmas Period: Avoid going out if your SPD is very severe and if the weather is very poor,the cold can make your SPD much worse so you must stay warm. Shop online, or get a relative to shop for things you need for you. We understand that being stuck at home can make you feel trapped and can affect your self esteem, so we suggest that you invite people over to you and invite people who will understand and can help you be happy and remain positive about the SPD and the situation you are in. It does not matter the severity of the SPD or whether or not you are pregnant with SPD or have had your baby and still have your SPD, SPD at any level, in any situation causes pain, makes you uncomfortable, and can affect your mobility and can make you feel low or affect your confidence. You are not alone and the support group is a great place to start