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2 Years since 1st diagnosis & baby's 1st birthday...

Some people advise speaking to people older than them about SPD but it really does not matter who you speak to about it as long as they understand it or have experienced it themselves. I spoke to a retired midwife when i became disabled with my joint condition which caused the spd and i have it and diastasis permanent now, she just said the same as everyone else to be honest, SPD was there even BC she said she had read one of the philosophers actually mentioned it too, and her advice was the same as all the advisors and pelvic partnership. Unfortunately you pretty much just have to try and live your life with it as best as you can, with the right pain relief and help you deserve. Im on pain relief and have my wheelchair as im severely mobility impaired now and I still need my stairlift, (for readers who maybe new to the blog) but I have been like this for 2 years and im 23 years old now. Why I started my support group? I created the group so women of all ages can talk to w

I am Disgusted at the hospital lying again...

I have just heard on the news that a little child has died from being dismissed and going back to the hospital I have been dealing with, from lack of diagnosis of a majorly recognisable condition without pain relief! I have put a complaint into the same hospital about the lack of care and clinical negligence I received from / in the same department, thankfully I was not at a point in my life where I could have died, however as a disabled mother being left to fall off a high bed, having the pain relief of gas and air taken away and then being left on the floor, hit with the door and prodded (and much much worse all in a previous log/blog) and they did not care then, and they are pretending to care now by labelling themselves as having a high level of care 'usually'. Instead of an apology they have made false and offensive allegations towards myself and my husband that will consistently affect the level of care every time I would need to go into hospital by writing abusive and

Headaches, stress and identity theft.

Headache after headache: Small reflect on the situation: I am now in a wheelchair and I have an underlying joint condition ( a genuine disability ) that caused my spd during pregnancy, i am now disabled for life and its all still really raw for me because its only been 2 years that i have been disabled and i have just got a counsellor who is lovely and i have not had that, its wonderful, BUT its opened the box of problems up so im very sensitive right now. Whats going on with my life: I try to be as strong as I can be and i like everyone to believe i am a strong person but those that know me know deep down, i have such a big heart and because i care, things do bother me. I am grieving a past life and some deaths of people i care about, I am wanting to be a better mother and my baby is a year old nearly and we need to organise for his birthday, and i feel he is slipping away from me because he is into everything and pushing boundaries but i cannot say no to him like my husba