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I have read and responded to an article posted in my local towns newspaper, and i have also found another response which I thought was interesting. The original article: " Can We Afford This Level Of Care? Thursday, 15 July 2010 ... Dear Sir, Reflecting on the current need to cut costs to reduce the country’s enormous debt I was drawn to an instance which bears investigation. I live near a bungalow which has been purchased and converted to house a disabled person. I notice three staff in attendance 24 hours a day and if you calculate the cost of the house and the salaries of all these professional people, it is colossal. Whilst I agree with the policy of accommodating disabled people within the community there has to be a limit and a sensible economic approach especially when NHS funds are stretched to the limit. Concerned Name & address supplied." MY RESPONSE: "Don't Make More Problems for Disabled. Friday 25th July 2010 Dear Sir, I am a 23 year ol

Question: lack of disability understanding:

I got asked a question today on my facebook wall (not inbox) openly about Disability and I do not mind as I am a strong person when it comes to things like that and did not take offence but i warn you some disabled people will. Remember not everyone knows even anything at all about disabilities so I am happy to post the question and my reply on here! I am here for anyone who needs me on my facebook support site and will help those that are worried about SPD and help make sure SPD sufferers whether previously unaware they were disabled, previously disabled or even not disabled at all, know what help they are entitled to, who they can go to for help and hopefully prevent SPD and / or DSP developing into a lifelong uncurable disability in itself: Q: This was an open and public question posted on my wall (visable by every internet user) therefore I will post it as it was: ( to help answer peoples concerns about SPD and Disability and any further open questions can and will be posted on