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...and i thought it was all over...

..I havent wrote in this for a long time as I have been struggling to come to terms with the fact I am now disabled for life. I have hypermobility syndrome and I keep seazing up and cannot move, we now have carelink. (this caused my severe SPD) Something traumatising happened to me at a local hospital to the extent i have to vent about it, i need to talk about it and i need to get over it! (update urgently, i have just heard an answerphone message from the dr stating her name askign if my husband can come to a and e as i am being violent and aggressive to members and staff and the public and can he come urgently please, i hope they have cctv please God let them have cctv!!!) Phoned the police and they said i need to complain directly to the I am going to do that, I notified icas and p.a.l.s. already and just waiting for some help... How can she do this to me??? I was immobile left on the floor screaming for help...... i am shaking, i just want to be left al