Make up is war paint...

I always feel better if I have make up on and I'm in fashion I like.

Yesterday was so sunny ☀️ I enjoyed a trip to a local store with a friend.


 ...and a rare one without my glasses ahaha... Today:

I'm off to a hospital appointment today let's hope we can expedite the surgery so I gain a little more mobility and a lot less pain from the pelvis...

*Fingers crossed*

Mind you if I bump into another Dr that has zero expertise and just wants to be a parrot stuck saying "you're disabled because you're fat" I can't promise I won't slxp them.

I can't stand disrespect from men in any professional capacity. Shame on them.

Hopefully today I'll be respected though and I have a friend coming for support which I'm grateful for.

Having plenty of fluids for my kidneys and a small coffee and I need more exercise and I can't continue my rehabilitation until they suture my dislocated pelvis so hopefully they will help me in this quest to better overall health!

Wish me luck! 🤞 ✨

Sarah xx

@KawaiiDollDecora ♡ ♡

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